In Depth Look at the DragonForce 65 Version 6

In Depth Look at the DragonForce 65 Version 6

The new Version 6 Dragon Force 65 will hit the Dragon Sailing warehouse this week!

We were lucky enough to travel to Nuremberg, Germany Toy Fair to debut this new boat for our lineup and meet the great team that makes it all happen.

The  management team at Joysway Hobby and the UK design team 

Joysway Management & John Tushinghamhave forged a partnership  to making the DF Racing sailboats, both high quality and affordable.  We all strive to continue to improve the product while maintaining  a clean one design restricted class that can appeal to both racers, enthusiasts, and beginning sailors world wide.

John Tushingham, the lead designer behind the products, was gracious enough to give us a complete live walk through of the new DF65 v6 so you can get an in depth look at how we have tried to make this version of the DF65 the best and final version of one of the most successful sailboats in the world! 

The new boat will be available this week in North America! 


February 20, 2017 — Charles LeMahieu
HARDCORE SAILING - The Inaugural DF95 National Championship, Oct 28-30 2016

HARDCORE SAILING - The Inaugural DF95 National Championship, Oct 28-30 2016

Both veteran RC skippers and newcomers to the sport learned what hardcore sailing is all about at the inaugural DragonFlite 95 National Championship Regatta Oct 28-30, 2016  on Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland, TX.

DF95s at Start of 2016 DF95 USA NCR43 Skippers sailed in the 3 day event which also had the distinction of being the largest RC sailing regatta in North America in 2016!  Both the conditions and the competition were challenging as the winds ranged from 5 mph all the way up to 20 MPH and B rig conditions most of day 2, creating big chop, big waves, and big fun !!

USA 51 Skipper Tony GonsalvesThe Bass Pro Shop venue features an open dock and great control area and allowed the Race Committee to set up square and fair courses throughout the event. Principal Race Officer Fred Rocha, kept a brisk pace with nearly 50 heats and 16 total races. 2016 DF95 USA Champion, USA 55 Mark Golison, Long Beach CAThe top 10 skippers were all National Champions in other radio sailing classes so the competition was tough all the way through the fleet! The lead changed hands several times, but in the end Mark Golison, from Long Beach CA edged Gary Boell to claim the inaugural DF95 USA Championship! We are looking forward to a big 2017 for the DragonFlite 95 and expect the class to expand into regional regattas all over the USA! Check out the highlight video below:

December 08, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
DragonFlite 95 ... Sailing Across the  Generation Gap in Michigan

DragonFlite 95 ... Sailing Across the Generation Gap in Michigan

It seems rare these days for  teenagers and younger kids relate to an older generation with all the flashy choices they have,  ranging from Hi Res video games, phone texting, and 300 TV channels.

The Markey / Boerema  family in Michigan has found a great way to bridge that gap ... with radio sailing and the DragonFlite 95!Pictured left to Right - Schuyler (11), Chris (19), Grandpa Larry (70), Jameson (15), Dad Dick (50)

Age makes no difference in determining how fast your boat goes in radio sailing. Being fast on the water, all boils down to the sailing basics. Sail trim, course selection, and tactics are still what put you on top in a sailboat race. 
As Grandpa Larry says, "The reasons we decided to RC sail as a family are first it is fun, second it is very good practice for full size racing strategy.
Another thing I like is the DF95 has the same sail adjustments as a big boat. It is helping teach the kids how important boat setup and sail shape is."                                    
This Michigan family of lifelong avid sailors have  found that sailing the new DragonFlite 95 is a great way bridge that gap, and have a great time doing it! 



Of course having a great one design boat like the DF95 lets the crafty sailing veterans like Larry and Dick, make sure they can hang in there with their athletic kids and keep the competition on a level playing field on their home built summer course. 

The youngest sailor in the family, 11- year old Schuyler, assembled his own DF95 ready to race kit and even put the same sticker on the boat that he uses on his full size Optimist Pram, "Need for Speed" . 

Brother Chris also assembled his boat while Grandpa Larry, who is a veteran RC Skipper who has sailed EC12M's and Soling 1M's ,  answered any questions;  a nice summer family project!

They have also  set up their own race course, marks, and start clock to race with, as well. 

This family will be sailing together for a long time to come and a new part of that tradition is now their DragonFlite 95s! Look for them on at the Kensington RC Sailboat Club in Detroit, Michigan  or maybe even a regatta soon near you! 







July 08, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
FlySky FS-i6 Telemetry Radio System , your best low cost  RC Sailing radio solution!

FlySky FS-i6 Telemetry Radio System , your best low cost RC Sailing radio solution!

Like most RC Skippers, I have used many different radios over the years, including high dollar systems like Futaba, Spectrum, even the old Ace Nautical Commanders! 

I was very frustrated with the high cost,  constant loss of signal and breakage of even the best systems. but like anything, technology often becomes less expensive and better as time goes on, and often more reliable! 

A couple years ago  I switched to the FlySky FS-T6 system and I was very pleased. The relative low cost of the system ($65 USD) and also replacement receivers ($15)  cut my costs by nearly 100-200%! The only hitch was that the receivers had a single antenna that needed a very specific placement to stay in contact. Than last year at the RG65 Nationals my friend Baron, showed up with the latest FlySky TX/Rx called the i6, which was lightweight, small, no antenna to break, dual antennas on the receiver and best of all.. TELEMETRY so you could see what charge you boat battery had in real time!

I immediately purchased one, and its all I've used on every boat I own since then.  With all the tech built in to this radio, it's as reliable a system for RC sailing at an affordable cost! Similar systems with these features from Futaba , Spectrum, or Graupner will cost over $300!!

We decided that this radio system was simply as good as it got, so we decided to source them temporarily as our RTR radio for the new DragonFlite 95, but had to pay full retail price.

With our overseas contacts we have now become a distributor and are sourcing this radio directly. Additionally we have speced it out with the superior iA6B receiver which has a hard case ( better moisture protection than the iA6A park flyer receiver which normally comes in the package) coated antenna tips, and also plug ins for some of the other telemetry modules which are available! You can only find this combo on our site in North America!

We are offering this system for $65 USD 

We are working with FlySky and hope that we will be able to offer a GPS module  that you can plug in by the end of the year!

Here are some of the features


June 14, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
DF95 B Rig Kit Instructional Video

DF95 B Rig Kit Instructional Video

We've finished our first video! Our customers have been asking for help assembling their DF95 rig kits and we have delivered!

April 23, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
DragonFlite 95 is an official USA Class!

DragonFlite 95 is an official USA Class!

The American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) , the radio sailing authority for the USA, has officially recognized the DragonFlite 95 as a sanctioned class!

You can check out the AMYA  at and the DF95 USA Class Owners Association at

Here is the press release from AMYA President Ray Seta: 

PRESS RELEASE: Newest AMYA Sanctioned Class
Attn - AMYA Members

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the latest Class to be recognized as an official "sanction" Class of the American Model Yachting Association(AMYA). With the help of the recently appointed Class Secretary Russ Gardner-AMYA # 17555, and two Directors At-Large Brian Mohs-AMYA # 16257 and Hap McGill-AMYA # 13236, their early dedication to this new Class and meeting all requirements set forth by the AMYA By-Laws, they were able to get all paperwork submitted and approved by the Executive Board of the AMYA under 45 days from when the first boat even hit the water here in the United States. They even exceeded the required 20 registered AMYA members to do so. I would personally like to Thank them for their dedication to the Class and the AMYA, and hope this will be the beginning of a positive relationship between the AMYA and the Dragon Flite 95 community. In the next few weeks the DF05 Class Secretary will be working with our dedicated staff here at the AMYA to get all information posted on the AMYA website. He will also be working with our "Model Yachting" staff on getting all information DragonFlite 95 listed in Model Yachting magazine, issue #185, for all to read. The DragonFlite 95 CS will also start to begin his communication to his members through Model Yachting magazine as a contributor for Class News & Tips. Dragon Flight specific regattas will now be listed in our AMYA calendar, not only in Model Yachting magazine but on the website also..... Again congratulations are in order to the DragonFlite 95 Class and it's members. Looking forward to reading and hearing about your Class as time moves forward!
I would like to recognize one person in the background of all this and has help the three mentioned above and the DragonFlite 95 Class and community make this a reality, and that is Chuck LeMahieu-AMYA #9450 for his vision of this Class and bring it current popularity and accessibility here in the United States.

Ray Seta - AMYA President



April 17, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
DragonForce 65... Right in our wheel house!

DragonForce 65... Right in our wheel house!

Although we compete with some other outlets for the DragonForce 65, no other distributor  in North America carries a deeper stock of parts and offers a more complete knowledge and understanding of the DragonForce 65 than Dragon Sailing North America!

DSNA specializes in the Joysway product line, so not only can you find what you are looking for on our storefront at no other dealer or distributor in North America has our expert knowledge about the most popular boat on the planet, the DF65!

As a direct importer from Joysway, we are committed to expanding the DF 65 product line and becoming the main source for boats and parts for your club or organization!

We also offer club (5% off on orders of at least 4 boats) and fleet discounts ( 10% off on orders of 10 boats)

April 07, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
Special RTR DF95 now available from Dragon Sailing North America!

Special RTR DF95 now available from Dragon Sailing North America!

Due to popular demand , we have decided to offer a special Ready-To-Race version of the DragonFlite 95 featuring the Turnigy i6 transmitter to the Dragon Sailing Lineup! 

We have purchased a number of the excellent Turnigy i6 Transmitters / receivers. The Dragon Sailing team will  bind, install and set the end points for the transmitter and receiver, so when your new DF95 is delivered all you need to do is quickly assemble the

rig, plug in the batteries, and go! Bind plug and manual will be included in each package.

We feel the Turnigy i6 is one of the best values currently going for the radio sailing market and has excellent next generation features only found in radios usually three times the price! 

If you havent enjoyed a transmitter / receiver with telemetry voltage feedback that displays real time on the LCD will wonder how you sailed without it! Also the transmitter features a low profile internal antenna, so no more antenna breakage! 

Turnigy i6 Specs:

‚ÄĘ Entry level 6 channel 2.4ghz radio with telemetry capability
‚ÄĘ Dual Rate/Trims/Gear/Flap/Gyro Gain Adjust/Flight Mode/Throttle Hold/Hover Pitch Switches
‚ÄĘ Easy to use Programming & Navigation Buttons
‚ÄĘ 20 Model Memory
‚ÄĘ 8 Character Model Name
‚ÄĘ Backlit LCD Screen displays real time transmitter and receiver voltage
‚ÄĘ 4 Stick Mode Selectable
‚ÄĘ Optional telemetry receivers and sensors available separately

Basic Program Functions:
Dual Rates
Sub Trim
Travel Adjust
Channel Reverse
Swash Mix
Gyro Sensitivity
Throttle Curve
Pitch Curve
Throttle Hold
Model Name

Turnigy TGY-i6 Transmitter Specs:
Frequency: 2.4ghz ISM Frequency Range
Modulation: GFSK
Spread Spectrum Mode: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
Band: 142
Number of Frequency Channels: 20
Output Power: <=20dbm
Working Current: <=100mA
Working Voltage: 1.5v x 4 AA
Dimensions: 174x89x190mm
Weight: 392g
Resolution: 1024 bit
Stick Mode: Mode 2 (Throttle Left)

Turnigy iA6 Receiver Specs:
Channel: 6
Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
Power: 4.5V~6.6V/<30ma
Net Weight: 6.4g
Dimensions: 40.4x21.1x7.35mm

4 x AA Type Battery For Operation

*Note: Receiver power telemetry feedback is available using the standard i6 receiver.

March 10, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
Release the Hounds!! goes LIVE!!

Release the Hounds!! goes LIVE!!

Our container has been unloaded and we will have live inventory on our website starting 3/10/2016!

DSNA  will be offering free shipping on any domestic US order over $100! Dragon Sailing North America now has  over 400 boats and 1000 sets of parts IN STOCK!!! 

In order to take carePallets of DragonFlite 95s of our customers, processing your order is our top priority!


If you place your order with us before Noon Central Standard Time,  on regular business days,  your order will ship the same day! Weekend orders will ship the next available business day.

We have been working hard to launch our Sorting Through 1000 parts!!!company and we will continue to work hard to make  your first choice for radio sailing products!


March 09, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu
DragonFlite 95 Instruction Manual now available!!

DragonFlite 95 Instruction Manual now available!!

Hungry for more images and info on the Dragonflight 95?

Check out the 16 page manual masterfully compiled by DF95 guru John Tushingham!

January 21, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu