DragonFlite 95 ... Sailing Across the  Generation Gap in Michigan

It seems rare these days for  teenagers and younger kids relate to an older generation with all the flashy choices they have,  ranging from Hi Res video games, phone texting, and 300 TV channels.

The Markey / Boerema  family in Michigan has found a great way to bridge that gap ... with radio sailing and the DragonFlite 95!Pictured left to Right - Schuyler (11), Chris (19), Grandpa Larry (70), Jameson (15), Dad Dick (50)

Age makes no difference in determining how fast your boat goes in radio sailing. Being fast on the water, all boils down to the sailing basics. Sail trim, course selection, and tactics are still what put you on top in a sailboat race. 
As Grandpa Larry says, "The reasons we decided to RC sail as a family are first it is fun, second it is very good practice for full size racing strategy.
Another thing I like is the DF95 has the same sail adjustments as a big boat. It is helping teach the kids how important boat setup and sail shape is."                                    
This Michigan family of lifelong avid sailors have  found that sailing the new DragonFlite 95 is a great way bridge that gap, and have a great time doing it! 



Of course having a great one design boat like the DF95 lets the crafty sailing veterans like Larry and Dick, make sure they can hang in there with their athletic kids and keep the competition on a level playing field on their home built summer course. 

The youngest sailor in the family, 11- year old Schuyler, assembled his own DF95 ready to race kit and even put the same sticker on the boat that he uses on his full size Optimist Pram, "Need for Speed" . 

Brother Chris also assembled his boat while Grandpa Larry, who is a veteran RC Skipper who has sailed EC12M's and Soling 1M's ,  answered any questions;  a nice summer family project!

They have also  set up their own race course, marks, and start clock to race with, as well. 

This family will be sailing together for a long time to come and a new part of that tradition is now their DragonFlite 95s! Look for them on at the Kensington RC Sailboat Club in Detroit, Michigan  or maybe even a regatta soon near you! 







July 08, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu