DragonFlite 95 Closeup - Keel Fin & Ballast

DragonFlite 95 Closeup - Keel Fin & Ballast

In the competitive radio sailing world, one of the key components top skippers look for to evaluate the quality of a boat  is the keel fin and ballast. The efficiency, balance, construction  of the keel fin and bulb are big determining factors how well a boat accelerates, its righting moment,  and ultimately how efficiently it moves through the water.

 DF95 lead designer, John Tushingham, combined  3D modeling, exhaustive testing and his  many years experience to create the specifications for Joysway Hobby to manufacture the effective foils and ballast of the DF95... and they have delivered!

The  100 gram carbon fiber keel fin is very stiff, and has an extremely efficient cross section that combine to give the DF95 good lift at low speed as well as good acceleration. 
The fin comes with nickle plated plugs that have been designed to be inserted into the keel fin, and provide a stable machined platform for the bolts to secure the ballast and secure the fin into the keel fin box in the hull.

Weighing 1000 grams , the design of the DF95 ballast is tried and true with a flat tail to dampen the vortices left from the trailing edge of the bulb. Since the boat is manufactured and imported , lead cannot be used for the bulb , but instead it is an alloy. 

The DragonFlite 95 will be available from Dragon Sailing February 2016 at www.radiosailing.net .

Pre Orders  are being taken at:  http://radiosailing.net/pages/dragonflite-95-preorder-form








December 27, 2015 — Charles LeMahieu