FlySky FS-i6 Telemetry Radio System , your best low cost  RC Sailing radio solution!

FlySky FS-i6 Telemetry Radio System , your best low cost RC Sailing radio solution!

Like most RC Skippers, I have used many different radios over the years, including high dollar systems like Futaba, Spectrum, even the old Ace Nautical Commanders! 

I was very frustrated with the high cost,  constant loss of signal and breakage of even the best systems. but like anything, technology often becomes less expensive and better as time goes on, and often more reliable! 

A couple years ago  I switched to the FlySky FS-T6 system and I was very pleased. The relative low cost of the system ($65 USD) and also replacement receivers ($15)  cut my costs by nearly 100-200%! The only hitch was that the receivers had a single antenna that needed a very specific placement to stay in contact. Than last year at the RG65 Nationals my friend Baron, showed up with the latest FlySky TX/Rx called the i6, which was lightweight, small, no antenna to break, dual antennas on the receiver and best of all.. TELEMETRY so you could see what charge you boat battery had in real time!

I immediately purchased one, and its all I've used on every boat I own since then.  With all the tech built in to this radio, it's as reliable a system for RC sailing at an affordable cost! Similar systems with these features from Futaba , Spectrum, or Graupner will cost over $300!!

We decided that this radio system was simply as good as it got, so we decided to source them temporarily as our RTR radio for the new DragonFlite 95, but had to pay full retail price.

With our overseas contacts we have now become a distributor and are sourcing this radio directly. Additionally we have speced it out with the superior iA6B receiver which has a hard case ( better moisture protection than the iA6A park flyer receiver which normally comes in the package) coated antenna tips, and also plug ins for some of the other telemetry modules which are available! You can only find this combo on our site in North America!

We are offering this system for $65 USD 

We are working with FlySky and hope that we will be able to offer a GPS module  that you can plug in by the end of the year!

Here are some of the features


June 14, 2016 — Charles LeMahieu