New for 2023!

LARGE SCALE  3D Printed Sailing Situation Markers!

Developed for use indoor or dockside, models are embedded with super strong  1/2 inch , Neodymium rare earth magnets embedded in each model.

Strong enough for wind and glass boards!

Perfect for 

  • Sailing Clubs / Yacht Clubs
  • Judges / Race officers / Protest Committees
  • Coaches / Junior programs 

Our 3D printed Model Boats  are 2.5" long with moveable booms  in 3 different colors  so they are visible in a variety of teaching and protest situations and are clearly visible!

Whats included?

  • 6 x Colored boat markers w/ moveable booms

  • 2 Buoy markers

  • Wind direction marker

Includes a field expedient Magnetic Dry Erase board (including dry erase markers) that can be hung and has a movable support for tabletop use! (as seen in the photo)