, V6 DF65 full length hull & deck sticker sets

in any one of 10 colors from Soch Sails UK!

*Please note these stickers are customized for the v6 DF65 

These stickers are in stock in our warehouse, and will ship immediately, so there is not a custom option on these sticker sets.

While we all love the DF65  for being such a great introduction to the sport of radio sailing,  we have found that as new fleets have grown people struggle to pick out their black or white boat from other peoples boats, which can become quite frustrating.

There is no need to remove anything from the deck which makes this kit easy to apply and will make your boat just that little bit different!

The new sticker sets come as a 9 piece kit which includes a single use vinyl hatch patch to suit the new hatch cover.

The complete DF65 v6 hull and deck sticker set includes: 

  • a deck sticker from bow to battery hatch
  • ring hatch patch
  • three transom stickers
  • two full length hull stickers 
  • two stickers to color the angled strakes (chamfers) between hull and deck.