DF65 Hatch & Battery Sticker Sets 

in any one of 8 colors 

These sticker sets  are in stock in our warehouse, and will ship immediately, so there is not a custom option on these sticker sets.

So the DF65 has a great clear plastic hatch to cover the radio compartment however it requires some tape around the edge to seal.  There is some tape supplied with the kit and even a couple of fabric patches, however as usual we reckon there is a better solution.

Our Deck Patch Set, includes one large main hatch patch and four battery hatch patches. Made from sticky back dacron or insignia cloth, if carefully applied can last several sailing sessions. Make sure they are still water tight before launching your boat!


The complete DF65 hatch sticker set includes: 

  • 1 hatch sticker for v7 hatch cover
  • 4 Battery Hatch Stickers