New for 2017, DF65 Hatch & Battery Sticker Sets 

in any one of 8 colors 

These sticker sets  are in stock in our warehouse, and will ship immediately, so there is not a custom option on these sticker sets.

So the DF65 has a great clear plastic hatch to cover the radio compartment however it requires some tape around the edge to seal.  There is some tape supplied with the kit and even a couple of fabric patches, however as usual we reckon there is a better solution.

Deck Patch Set, to include one large hatch patch and four battery hatch patches. Large hatch patch is a ring patch allowing you to see through the plastic hatch cover and keep an eye on your electronics !


The complete DF95 hatch sticker set includes: 

  • 1 hatch sticker for v6 hatch cover or v1-5 Hatch Cover
  • 4 Battery Hatch Stickers