Compatible with all previous DF65 versions

Complete parts, fittings, spars and everything needed to build the DF65 "A" Rig, sails not included.

This is the Version 6 kit with the new version 6 parts including, improved Gooseneck / Boom Assembly, Jib Tack hook and Carbon Fiber Crane 

Potential DF65 "A": Rig wind range (6-17 MPH ) may vary by local conditions 

*Restricted Class Mandatory 

Parts Included: 

  • Mast Assembly - 862.5 mm Carbon Fiber Mast (7 mm diameter) including joiners,  carbon fibre crane, and 4 protective metal rings
  • Main Boom Assembly -  260 mm Carbon Fiber Main Boom (5mm diameter) including  new improved V6   gooseneck assembly(+fittings),   bearings, & plastic boom fittings, 
  • Jib Boom Assembly - 220 mm Carbon Fiber Jib Boom ( 5 mm diameter)  including plastic end fittings, metal protective ring, and counterweight assembly, and new jib tack hook
  • Complete Rigging Parts -  including new precut Silicone tubing (for adjustments points) , 6 Bowsies, Rigging Line