Premium Quality 8 Braid Dyneema line, perfect for running or standing rigging in RC Sailboats

Dragon Sailing has sourced the highest quality 100% virgin Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyester (UHMWPE) fiber directly here in the USA! 
Dyneema and Spectra are brand names for this fiber

Our new line is extrordinarily silky to the touch, and battle tested in DFs & IOMs under extreme high wind conditions! 


The 100 lb is thinner and stronger than the 4 braid line than Joysway provides with the DF kits, the perfect size for DF products bowsies, but also suitable for  any class of radio sail boat !
Our new 100lb line is the same diameter as our previous 80lb, but higher quality

We supply our line  line in convenient 2.5 inch snap-lock spools to keep the line from unspooling,  handy storage your toolbox or pocket, and to keep the cost low!

Our high quality line is designed  to be colorfast and extremely low stretch!