The DF95/65  Standard Boat Stand plus Laydown Upgrade Kit, now gives skippers the option now make their kit boat display stand dual purpose!

Now with the laydown kit  it can be used in the field to make adjustments  to sails , check mast rake, and keep their boat from easily falling over in the wind!

The original boat stand product was only ever intended as a display stand, but this upgrade kit allows more field expedient options!

Standard boat stand Kit Includes:

  • 4 Stand bars
  • 3 Cross Bars
  • 2 padded foam strips 
  • 2 Top & Bottom Cradle pieces
  • Hex head Bolts & Nuts for stand assembly

Laydown Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Molded Plastic Boat Hull Holders

  • 2 x Hull holder protective foam strips

  • 1x Circular Foam Bar Keel Protective Pad

PLEASE NOTE: Boats should always be pointed into the wind when in the stand and usage of this upgrade kit does NOT ensure that boats will still not flip!!!