DF95 Class Legal Sail Number Templates 0-9 + USA 
Also legal for DF65 Class use!

These 3D printed templates are the perfect solution for  easily adding sail numbers to your stock or aftermarket Mylar sails!

Also using a permanent marker on Mylar or other sail film doesnt warp the sails over time like Vinyl lettering

The innovative template design is specifically made to be the legal height, and width for your sails, and easily adjust the width for different sail set requirements ( see the DF95 numbering guide for specific dimensions)

Dragon Sailing has also remixed these excellent templates to also include .5mm risers underneath each template to prevent bleeding when the number is carefully traced on mylar sails.

The interlocking guides allow you to easily maintain proper spacing according to your needs for each sail set.


  • PLASTIC (PLA+ / template color may vary)

Just designate which digits you would like to order in the notes section when you check out! (USA NATIONAL DESIGNATOR COUNTS AS 1 DIGIT)

The numbering guides .pdfs for all sets of sails can be downloaded here: 

DF95 A Sail Numbering Guide

DF95 B Sail Numbering Guide

DF95 C Sail Numbering Guide

DF95 D Sail Numbering Guide

PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOUR FOR NUMBER SETS TO BE PRINTED / they may be sent separately via first class mail on larger orders

Original 3D template design reprinted with permission from Andreas Hoffman.

Please note 3D prints may have minor blemishes