Dragon Sailing North America is the authorized USA Factory
for the ALIOTH International One Metre.

This is a cutting edge International One Metre hull  and print design by top sailor Juan Egea from Spain at RC Sailing Labs.
The ALIOTH design incorporates the latest cutting edge features of many top end International one meter classes including, balanced hull, hard chine, great forward buoyancy, among many other features!
Juan's print design ensures that the licensed ALIOTH 3D print will be the proper width, quality, and rules compliant boat that you can enjoy for years to come! Our print is also structurally reinforced in several key areas not found in lower quality 3DP designs.
DSNA uses PLA Tough Pro Filament for our prints to strive for  maximum durability and resistance to high temperatures. Our experience printing the hulls sections and sharing quality control information directly with other "Factories" and the designer, ensures a quality product for our skippers!

Please note ,we require 5 business days to print a kit (7 Color Choices)  and internals (7 Color choices) .

Each ALIOTH Lisenced Boat Kit Includes:

  • Paid License for the ALIOTH IOM 2023 Version 3!
  • 3D printed Boat Hull sections (printed at 1.2mm width) Currently 3 sections (Unfinished, Unsanded, Uncut) 
  • Internal 3D Printed Parts printed at 100% infill to comply with IOM Class Rules to accomodate deck hardware and internal rigging nuts & screws
  • RC Sailing Labs Pot and screw on top 
  • Discounted Packages for DSNA  IOM Electronics / Batteries!

Alioth Licensed owners have full access to the forum at https://aliothiom.com for resources, and guides on building, finishing and coating the hull sections, rigging the boat, and getting a competitive IOM on the water racing! 

Please keep in mind however 3D printed boats will not hold up under long periods in high heat, especially darker colors! When not on the water make sure to store under cover, and out of the sun!
Our design can accomodate several different types of servos & winches, but we recommend our ALIOTH Electronics Package Which includes our multi-voltage/ digital/ coreless, SW22 Sail Winch (w/ 40mm Drum) & DFGMD1 Micro Servo, which help reduce overall weight.  These servos are both super high torque, high quality , and battle tested for the IOM class.
We also offer complete deck and internal hardware kits as an add on option.
Currently, complete keel fin, rudder fin  and Ballast must be sourced separately directly from RC Sailing Labs. 
 Other fins and bulbs can be fitted to the boat kit with printed adapters available on request.
We also have lightweight, reliable LiPo & Life Batteries, chargers available . 
Rigs and sails can be sourced worldwide from many different dealers, currently DSNA does not carry these item or build boats turnkey!
In an era of radio sailing when high end competeitive boats can take years to get on the water, the ALIOTH IOM is a fantastic, low cost alternative to enter the international level  of high end radio sailing!