Retrofitting your Older Version (v3-5) DragonForce 65 with the v6 Tray

The new tray design for the v6 DragonForce is fantastic. Far cleaner and no flex in the tray, also moulded  to accommodate the stock sail winch.

Joysway and the DF Design team have collaborated to design this tray so existing DF65 owners  can retrofit your older Version 3-5 Dragon Force for a better electronic arrangement and no more tray flex!

All you need are the parts kits:

and 2 tools :

  • 2.5 mm Hex wrench
  • small phillips head screwdriver                          


  1. Remove screws for Sail servo drum and rudder servo horn Removing drum & horn
  2. Unplug servo leads and remove receiver  / Remove Servos from Tray, leaving the                            leaving the winch drum and rudder control arm  on the boat.
  3. You can leave the drum  but wound   will need to break the old tray to remove it intact, and will have to squeeze it into the new tray                                                                        
  4. Remove both Trays / ( save 4 of the tray screws) / 
  5. Remove Switch Assembly from old tray
  6. Install Sail winch, Rudder Servo, and old power Switch on the new tray, use the 4 saved screws to attach at the 4 corners, taking care to make sure that the rudder control arm and the winch line are not in between the bulkhead & tray
  7. Finally Install your new switch arm retrofit arm through the rubber cap and weave it into the hole in the switch                                                                            
  8. Reinstall your servo leads into the receiver  and make sure your settings and geometry for your rudder servo arm and winch line are at their correct settings!
This retrofit  is an easy, fast upgrade for veteran DF65 skippers to enjoy some of the improved features of the new v6 DragonForce 65 . 
Thanks for making the DF65 continue as one of the most popular boats on the planet!
February 25, 2017 — Charles LeMahieu