Big Boat Sailors use DF Racing Boats to sail small, grow fast!
All across North America, the DF65 & DF95 are expanding beyond the traditional model yachting enthusiasts and are finding new venues in "big boat" yacht clubs and sailing clubs at an incredible pace!

The availability, instant delivery and affordability of the DF95 & DF65  are helping these big boat sailors build fleets and build interest in sailing beyond their normal membership avenues. At a time when interest in sailing has been shrinking globally, the RC sailing approach has been a welcome, new fun alternative  to sailing for these yacht clubs to increase interest and activity! Historically many of the these clubs have found RC sailing too hard to build, too expensive, and too far on the hobby side to get a fleet up and racing. The development  the last couple years of easy to assemble, and affordable boats like the DF65 & DF95  have caused many of these clubs to rethink their approach to radio sailing, and redefining their "frostbiting " sailing to include RC boats.
CYC Iceberg Series

The Chicago Yacht Club is a great success story on how radio sailing can really engage the larger sailing community in our sport, while at the same time increasing activity in their own club. In Early 2017, Dan Burns a member of the CYC, started sailing his DF65 at his local CYC club and very quickly other sailors started approaching him about how they could get a boat and race with him. In a couple months, they expanded to 20 boats. By August of 2017, CYC had an RC demonstration event as a part of their annual Verve Inshore Regatta on September 2017.  Over 100 sailors having a great time watching 20 boats race after one of their regatta days really kickstarted the interest, and the leadership of CYC saw how enthusiastic and fun radio sailing can be for their membership they decided to really get behind Dan's efforts. He is now the RC Fleet Captain, Chairman for RC Racing (with a budget from the club) and the DF65 is an official fleet of the yacht club within the CYC ( Currently their largest fleet )! They have a fall and spring Iceberg series along with several other events now planned for 2018 and now have 99 boats and counting as a part of their fleet, in a little over 6 months! Some of their skippers are Olympic class big boat sailors, and they have a lot of the kids participating as well.

Other yacht clubs and sailing clubs around the USA and Canada are also experiencing great activity, growth and fun with their DF Racing fleets.
In Florida, the Miami RC Sailing Squadron sails out of the Coral Reef Yacht Club and the US Sailing Center with about 60+ DF65s. In Texas, Rush Creek Yacht Club is sailing DF95s and since Christmas 2017,  has already grown their fleet to over 30 boats! In Dec 2017, the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club just started building their fleet, and is now up to nearly 30 boats with the help of Wilson Chong at HOTRC Sailing. 
Other yacht clubs clubs on both coasts have found great fun and participation with their new DF fleets!
In many cases these Big boat clubs are partnering in events with their local RC sailing clubs to increase overall interest in the sport in their areas.

Looking for  new source of sailing and sailors for RC fun? Look no further than your local yacht club!

February 07, 2018 — Charles LeMahieu