New for 2021!

Now featured in Version 2 DragonFlite 95 Kits & Version 7 DragonForce 65 Kits!

The DF95/65  Boat Stand Laydown Upgrade Kit, now gives skippers the option now upgrade  their kit boat display stand to use in the field to make adjustments  to sails , check mast rake, and keep their boat from easily falling over in the wind!

The original boat stand product was only ever intended as a display stand, but this upgrade kit allows more field expedient options!

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Molded Plastic Boat Hull Holders

  • 2 x Hull holder protective foam strips

  • 1x Circular Foam Bar Keel Protective Pad



PLEASE NOTE: Boats should always be pointed into the wind when in the stand and usage of this upgrade kit does NOT ensure that boats will still not flip!!!